Question: Who has to be listed on TKG Property Management’s rental agreement?

Answer: All persons 18 years or older that will be living in the residence.  If the property requires co-signers they will also be added to the rental agreement.

Question: When does my lease with TKG Property Management expire?

Answer: If you are trying to find out when your lease expires you need to look at the TERM section of your TKG Property Management rental agreement.

Question: What is considered a maintenance emergency?

Answer: Any immediate threat to life or property is considered a maintenance emergency.  (Click here for more information)

Question: Who do I call if I smell gas?

Answer: If you think you have a gas leak, please call your local utility company.

Question: Who retains the tenants security deposit?

Answer: The owner of the property retains the security deposit and is responsible for the return of the security deposit to the tenant, which may or may not be facilitated by TKGPM.  TKG will usually keep a reserve amount in our trust account to cover issues that might arise on the property.

Question: Will I get charged if I call for maintenance?

Answer: You will only be charged for maintenance if the issue you are calling about is something you caused.  Example: Garbage disposal is not working and we find a large volume of potato peels inside.  This would be charged back to the tenant.

Question: How do I reset a garbage disposal?

Answer: Most garbage disposals have a reset button, you can use this button to rest the garbage disposal.  An Allen wrench is needed to reset others.  Please make sure to keep you hands out of the garbage disposal at all times and the break is off for the disposal.

Question: What is a GFI Switch, and how do you reset it?

Answer: GFI outlets usually placed by sinks, bathtubs, hot tubs, spas, Jacuzzis or water sources in homes that need electrical outlet within six feet of the source.  If the GFI is tripped, you can lose power to a whole room or part of the houuse.  You can reset the GFI to resore power.  The GFI outlet has a test button and reset button.  If the outlet is working corectly, you can press the test button and the outlet will be shut down until you pres the reset button.  The test button should be tested monthly to insure it is working correctly.

Question: What type of payment is acceptable for your month’s rent?

Answer: TKGPM accepts Money Orders or Cashier’s Check.  Cashier’s can be obtained at local banks and credit unions.  Money Orders are typically sold by third parties such as the united states postal service, grocery stores and convenience stores.